What to Include in Pecan Gift Baskets

//What to Include in Pecan Gift Baskets

What to Include in Pecan Gift Baskets

Pecans have a wide number of uses, as we’ve talked about previously, one of them is as a key piece in pecan gift baskets! This time on the SNRA blog, we are talking about the essentials to include in pecan gifts baskets. What kind of pecans should you include? What other sweets, nuts, treats, or tools should be put in a quality basket? Let’s delay no further and get right to it!

Pecan Gift Baskets –  The Essentials


This almost needs no introduction but humor us. Chocolate, whether in bar form or melted to cover any of the other snacks in the basket (pecans, other nuts, or fruit) is almost a necessity. It’s sweet and richness accentuates all the other flavors. Plus its chocolate! It pairs well with everything!


Much like chocolate, caramel pairs well with just about any nut that might find its way into pecan gift baskets. The chewy, dense components can work to bind nuts together into simple candies. Unlike chocolate, you probably won’t include caramel candies solo, but you can if you please, they are your pecan gift baskets after all!


Fruit go along well with any basket of nuts for one clear reason: they are both nature’s treats! Getting a handful of berries and nuts is a delicious composition of natural tastes and textures. The crunch of pecans or peanuts with the soft, sweetness of a strawberry. It’s a sweet, healthy treat that harkens back to a simpler time.


Pecans do not need to be the only nut in any gift basket, after all, with so much variation between nuts you would be denying so many different tastes and textures. While pecans have that softer, buttery taste, a crunchier, nuttier taste can be a welcome changeup, especially when paired with the sweetness of fruit or candy.


A fine gift basket should always have something to wash down the treats with. Wine is a popular choice with these kinds of chocolate covered treat baskets. For every nut, there is the perfect wine. For instance, if the basket leans more heavily into almonds or hazelnuts, Chardonnay or Champagne are the best wine to pair. In the case of pecans, a Riesling will match the flavors better.


You have your nuts, you have some fruit, some chocolate, what more could you want in pecan gift baskets? Easy: variety. There are more ways to pair chocolate and nuts than just eating them at the same time! You can mix up the standard pecans with some chocolate covered amaretto pecans. Put the nuts and fruit into chewy bars. All of these components are able to be mixed, matched, and modified to create delicious new treats. This can spice up even basic pecan gift baskets.


If you’re making pecan gift baskets, well then, you are going to need a lot of pecans. That’s where a pecan supplier like SNRA Commodities comes into play. We have the capabilities to deliver huge amounts of the finest quality pecans to any business who needs them, whether they are putting together a new trail mix or creating holiday pecan gift baskets. SNRA are the pecan wholesalers, no two ways about it. If you need a pecan supplier, reach out and together we can make it happen!

Now get those pecans, grab some chocolate, and find the perfect Riesling – these pecan gift baskets are going to be the best received out there!

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