SNRA Commodities – Your Bulk Pecans Wholesaler

//SNRA Commodities – Your Bulk Pecans Wholesaler

SNRA Commodities – Your Bulk Pecans Wholesaler

bulk pecans wholesaler snra pecansIt’s the inaugural month here on the SNRA Commodities blog. We are a bulk pecans wholesaler, who buy from farmers, shell, and distribute to buyers all over. We’ve been in this business for some time and it’s time to go digital! For this portion of our site, we are looking to keep our customers, potential customers, and even the farmers upstream aware of news and information that they can use. Whether it’s recipes for fancy midget pieces or the newest processes for shelling bulk pecans, we want to cover it.

This month, to match that goal we are going to go way back, discussing the history of the Texas pecan, we will cover one of the lesser known uses of pecans in pecan meal or flour and more. But first, before we get into all of that pecan goodness, we want to tell you a bit more about ourselves.

Our Company – SNRA Your Bulk Pecans Wholesaler

SNRA was founded years ago by Sam Digregorio back in 2013. But don’t get that twisted, this isn’t our first rodeo. The story goes back all the way to 1931 when the family first got into the industry. Sam himself meanwhile been working in the pecan shelling industry during the late 1940’s. Now, all these years later, that dream of an Italian family is running strong into the 21st century, a bulk pecans wholesaler committed to the highest values in pecans, in business, and in our partners.

The process from pecan tree to bulk pecan wholesaling is fairly direct of course. The tree grows the pecans, they are harvested by the growers and shipped to a processing plant like our own. Once they arrive here they go through a shelling and sorting process, getting like with like so that buyers can easily purchase the exact kinds of pecans they need. Simple, right? But that doesn’t mean we rest! We have, no joke, revolutionized the shelling process in our shelling plants to deliver a better, higher quality pecan, at a fairer cost for everyone involved!

The pecan wholesale business has long featured alcohol floats as a part of the shelling process. These alcohol floats consist of dropping the pecans into a mixture of ethanol and water, to remove any pecan weevil larva that might find their way into the pecan. Some businesses use these but here’s the thing – that ethanol/water bath can have a terrible effect on the taste of those pecans! So, as the best bulk pecans wholesaler, don’t use it!

Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t have processes that take care of that! The PPO process takes care of any contaminants as well as decreasing the chance for things such as salmonella. The FDA recognizes these best practices and our products and our facilities are second to none! Have you watched our video on the homepage? Our guests claim ‘Wow, you could eat off the floors!’ Now, we don’t recommend that, but hey if you did, you wouldn’t feel ill. That’s because we are all about SQF – Safe, Quality Food

This past year we’ve made huge changes to our facilities! We are constantly striving to be the best, and that means tackling the issues that the bulk pecans wholesale industry has had for many years. Our facilities, with these state of the art processes, can churn out over 120,000 lbs. of bulk pecans daily. We are constantly finding new ways, setting new standards, to be the best.

bulk pecans wholesaler faciltiies

So, we have nailed the processes, grown the business to setting industry standards. But that’s not all we are about. Being the best facilities for bulk pecans wholesale is only one fancy half of the whole nut. The other half is building stellar relationships – again, the best in the business – between our customers and our farmers. We have the lowest prices per pound for fancy halves, fancy extra large, fancy large, fancy medium, fancy small, and fancy midget pieces. And we also offer our pecan farmers and harvesters the best value for their crop. Unlike other businesses, it’s not about making the most money for the smallest effort. For us here at SNRA Commodities, it’s about making sure everyone gets the best deal possible for all our hard work. If you’re looking for a new pecan wholesaler, or want to get into business with a company you can trust, contact us through our homepage let’s get crackin’!

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