Why Pecans? America’s Nut and SNRA Commodities, Your Bulk Pecans Wholesaler

/Why Pecans? America’s Nut and SNRA Commodities, Your Bulk Pecans Wholesaler
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The pecan, being the only tree nut native to North America is America’s Nut. But it’s not enjoyed just here. The pecans popularity as a food and snack ingredient is only rising. That’s thanks to the hard efforts of America’s pecan farmers, recognizing the true value of the pecan and pushing it further than just our borders. Now, bulk pecans wholesalers like SNRA Commodities, are distributing pecans globally, most notably to China, where the Chinese have taken up a great love of the pecan, despite never having them until the late 1990’s!

It’s easy to see why pecans are becoming the hot new nut! They’re delicious of course, with their sweet, buttery, rich flavor, they make a great addition to any dessert. But the flavor alone is not the only reason folks are going nuts over pecans! They have a load of health benefits too! As we all are becoming much more health conscious in our food, it is important to look past the purely salted and sweetened processed foods and look at the naturally occurring sweet, delicious options to us that we can base our food around!

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Pecans for Health

Everyone wants great tasting, whole, healthy food. Nuts have been a topic of frequent research and studies on their health potential. As folks began to take almonds much more seriously as a conscious snack, it’s important to look at other possible nuts for nutrition. That’s where the pecan comes in.

Heart Healthy

Since 2012, pecans have been recognized as a heart-healthy food by the American Heart Association. When eaten as part of a healthy diet, unsalted and unroasted pecan halves can be found to have the Heart-Check that lets consumers know they are buying a quality nut that’s good for their heart, meeting the AHA’s guidelines for nutrition.

Further, studies have shown that a diet that enjoys nuts frequently is associated with a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, stroke, and more!

Vitamins and Minerals

Pecans are not just heart healthy, they are good for the entire body. They contain over 19 vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B (several types in fact!), E, calcium, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, zinc and more!


Looking to control blood sugar? Lower cholesterol levels? Need a little help maintaining a healthy weight? Then you’re looking for fiber. Wouldn’t you know it, pecans are literally jammed full of fiber! A single ounce of pecans has 10% of the daily recommended value!

Abundance of Antioxidants

Antioxidants, everyone’s talking about them and what they can do for you. They’re reported to be heart healthy, lower risk of infections, supposedly cancer! They certainly protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Regardless of the why’s, people are loading up on foods like blueberries thanks to their antioxidant levels. You know what’s got antioxidants in spades? Yeah, that’s right, pecans! Pecans have more antioxidants than a same size serving of blueberries. In fact, they’re the only nut on the top 20 antioxidant-rich foods!

Reduce Cholesterol

It’s long been known, diets rich in fruits, vegetables, and nuts, have been shown to reduce cholesterol as much as some medications. They are cholesterol, sodium and gluten-free!

Imagine all that, eating your way to better health with a diet of vegetables, fruits, and pecans! All of those health benefits and we’re not even talking about how great they can taste!

Pecans for Every Meal

Pecans can be utilized in so many different ways for so many different foods. Chop them up into a broccoli salad, include them in pasta, or of course bake them into desserts. There is a recipe for every meal and snack of the day so you enjoy pecans whenever and however you like.

Now you know why pecans are proving their own as America’s Nut! They’re heart-healthy, rich in antioxidants here’s why SNRA Commodities is your bulk pecans wholesaler.

SNRA – Your Bulk Pecans Wholesaler

Are you a restaurant owner looking for health-conscious dessert or a business that puts together healthy snack mix? Then no doubt you want to include pecans in your kitchen. To do that you can go about the long way, finding pecans in the store, or you can skip the middlemen and go directly to the shelled pecans source. Here’s why you want to make SNRA your bulk pecans wholesaler.

Safety, Quality, Clean

Safe, Quality Food. That’s what we are all about here at SNRA. Our pecan shelling and handling processes all follow the guidelines to be both SQF and BRC certified so that our products are recognized not just in the United States but also abroad as pecans of the highest quality.

Watch the video on our homepage and you will hear testimonies about our cleanliness from our current customers. We encourage visits, so if you need to see it for yourself, contact us and we’d be more than happy to arrange it! Our clients do not have to worry about food safety.

Revolutionary Process

Speaking of safety, quality, and cleanliness. The shelling process of pecans include measures to ensure that there are no contaminants or parasites. The older way included what are called alcohol floats, essentially big baths of ethanol and water mixtures. Did this work to get rid of pecan weevils? Yes, of course. The problem is in the process it also got rid of all the natural, rich flavors. Our process gets rid of any risk of contaminants and retains that all-natural taste. You can taste the difference.

Timing is Everything

In the bulk pecans wholesaler market, timing is everything, every step of the way. From the harvest to the delivery, crucial timing is critical. That’s why SNRA buys, shells, and sells! Our bulk pecans do not sit around in a warehouse, losing their quality over while sitting in crates. Because of that, we do not have storage or carrying fees and our pecans retain the best flavor available.

The market fluctuates over the time, and we respect that. We let our customers know when the best time to buy is or when the market suggests otherwise. Just like our product, we monitor the market conditions with a close eye to provide the best options for our customers.

We Do Good Business

In the same way that we maintain quality conditions for our pecans, and monitor the market prices, SNRA bulk pecan wholesalers are always looking out for our partners in the business. We buy our pecans from our sources at the best price for them and sell them to our customers at their best price. We are not interested in cutthroat prices gouging both farmers and buyers. Instead, we want to create long-lasting business relationships with like-minded companies. Those who value quality and integrity in their business.

Buy What You Need

In addition to buying when the time is right, we also can guide you in making the most cost-effective purchases! Getting an order of 70% halves and 30% pieces, for instance, is generally the best deal you can get from a bulk pecans wholesaler. But, if what you need is 30lbs of fancy extra large pieces, well we can make that work too.

It is clear why the pecan is the nut of today for health and taste.  The many benefits of the pecan make it a sure food to include in snack mix, desserts, salads and more. Ready to get your 30lb case of pecans? Here at SNRA, we are looking forward to working with you, showing you the future of pecan shelling facilities, and delivering the best product, at the best price. Contact us now to get the shells cracking!